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Newsletter- July , 2018


Dear Friends in Christ, 

Pentecost starts as a Sunday associated with the color red, to symbolize the tongues of fire that appeared to the disciples and others and indicated the presence of the Holy Spirit. We all love Pentecost, with its breath of God, gold, red and orange altar decorations, and lovely music. And then comes the long string of green Sundays, where we hear stories of what the various early Christians did and the history of the early church. I think it’s rather a relief when Advent finally comes, and we can focus on purple and introspection and look forward to Christmas.  

Yesterday I preached at St. Peter’s Seaview, a congregation I assist at every two months. I preached on the story of Jesus bidding the wind and waves to be still, the calming of the storm, and the fishermen’s astonishment at what happens. I think of this story as the fishermen’s experience of Pentecost, in their own context, in a boat on a stormy Sea of Galilee. The Holy Spirit does not always appear to us as a gentle breeze! Yet this story, of a storm at sea, is the only marine-based story to appear in all 4 Gospels, which should give us an indication of its importance. 

It was, in essence, the fishermen’s Pentecost. By extension, have you ever had a Pentecost experience, where the spirit of God appeared to you and a great calm ensued, and your outlook on the world changed? Have you had an experience you may not recognize as the Holy Spirit’s appearance? There are numerous stories among fishermen and those who have had near-death experiences, who believe they were visited by a spirit who reassured them. Such stories are also often found among people who are mountain-climbers.  

I invite you to reflect on your own Pentecost experience – Has the Spirit visited you at any time? Yesterday one woman came to me afterward and told me of an experience she had had many years ago, and for the first time recognized it as a Pentecost experience. We spend time during Advent, reflecting on our relationship with God and the coming of Christ; in Lent we fast and reflect on our sins; at Easter we rejoice in the resurrection of Christ and the new life springing up in the world around us. Perhaps we can make Pentecost a season of focusing on how the Holy Spirit acts in our lives. 

In God’s love, 







Sunday School

Sunday school is closed for the summer come and

join us at 10am in September




Christie is saving manufacturer’s coupons for our service men and women. It doesn’t matter if they are expired… Please cut them out and give them to Christie, or you can put them in her mail box.



Sally has completed the instructor requirements for “Safeguarding God’s People”. We will schedule a time for the course, look for date and time.













Stewardship Calendar



Month/Yr    July 2018


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  1 Am prayer Deb Michael George Summer Carol Sally/Irene              
  8 Maureen Deb Hannah Potluck Break DonDena Fr Richard              
  15 Am prayer Deb Sally DonDena No


DonDena Michael/Michael              
  22 **/** Deb Sally Hannah school Carol JoAnn/JoAnn              
  29 Am prayer Deb Cathy JoAnn Summer break Carol Gerry/Gerry              




Keep the date open- August- Second Sunday- we will have church services in the park and potluck




Sally, eye problems

Mark, chronic headache healing

Rick, healing cancer

Bill healing

Linda Healing

Jill strength

David – massive brain tumor.

Bob healing cancer

Terry healing


Winnie-breast cancer

DonDena healing

Chandal and family

Gerry, JoAnn, Christie and others healing from chemical allergies





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Let’s also pray for peace and for all of our men and women in the service at home or abroad, and for our veterans.


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July 2018







July 1 – Pentecost 6

Wisdom of Solomon 1:13-15;2:23-24

Psalm 30

2 Corinthians 8:7-15

Mark 5:21-43

July 8 – Pentecost 7

Ezekiel 2:1-5

Psalm 123

2 Corinthians 12:2-10

Mark 6:1-13

July 15 – Pentecost 8

Amos 7:7-15

Psalm 85:8-13

Ephesians 1:3-14

Mark 6:14-29

July 22 – Pentecost 9

Jeremiah 23:1-6

Psalm 23

Ephesians 2:11-22

Mark 6:30-34,53-56

July 29 – Pentecost 10

2 Kings 4:42-44

Psalm 145:10-19

Ephesians 3:14-21

John 6:1-21




















Congregation Mailing List, St. James Episcopal Church, Revised May 2018


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The Rev. Rachael Wolford, John Wolford,

20 North Neawanna Rd., #28-3,

Seaside, OR 97136.



Joan and Bill Wren,

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309 S.R. 409,

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