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Newsletter-  November, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

In the life of every congregation leadership changes and congregational membership evolves. We are at a point now at St. James when we are looking for new clergy leadership and seeking new ways to continue worship services at St. James. This is a process known as discernment, and in this newsletter you will find a form to fill out that requests your participation in how to plan for our future.

I am suggesting that each of us engage in prayer for several days before filling out the form. Prayer, seeking the wisdom and will of God, is the foundation for this effort. Think of each person in the congregation and pray about their role and ministry. Who do you envision in a clergy role? Are there other roles you see as possibilities for our members? New ministries to embark on? What is God inviting us to do and be in the future? Immediate future? Long term future? What are our gifts, and how do we serve our community?

St. Paul talks about being one body with many members. That is what a church looks like, and at St. James our membership is quite diverse. Some are cradle Episcopalians, others have arrived from other churches, and some people just found us and decided that this was the church they wanted. Not all were born here, and some don’t even live in the county. We are enriched as a church by our diversity. How do we as diverse members with differing backgrounds come together as one body? Weekly worship, prayer, and hospitality are just some of the ways. And for these things, we need to be able to provide weekly worship services and preaching that are meaningful and spiritually enriching. Our prayer lives are vital to this effort. And hospitality includes caring for each of our members and the stranger who attends as a valued person made in the image of God.

In discernment, we try to see more deeply who we are as a church and what new adventure God is calling us to. Please plan to take time and spiritual effort in filling out this form. We will have a sermon on Nov. 4 on this topic, and Richard Green will be here on Nov. 19 to work with us also. We approach the season of Advent, and the beginning of a new Church year. May our Advent and new Year be blessed as we seek to move more deeply into God’s path for us.

In God’s love,






We could use another Sunday School Teacher backup; Music backup and if anyone is interested the newsletter editor job …. We could use a volunteer to coordinate pastoral care- keep track of prayer list and send out prayer requests. Any questions see Gerry





Sunday School


Come and join us at 10am… children join the congregation midway through the service…..





Stewardship Calendar



Month/Yr ___November 2017



Date         Altar            Flowers   Reader                  Host                Sunday        Music    Celebrant/ Preach

Guild/serve                                                       Family             School

5 AM prayer Michael Sally Christie Gerry Sally/Gerry
12 AM prayer Sally Potluck Christie Gerry Michael/Michael




Lois DonDena Christie


Gerry Fr Richard
26 Joan/Gerry Gerry JoAnn Christie Gerry JoAnn/JoAnn


Viewing of “The Shack” after potluck on Nov 12 we will have discussion time after for those who would like to stay



Saturday, November 18th, 10-4   5 New vendors!



We begin by praying. Use your own words, Rachael’s prayer(see next page),  or the following:


“Lord, I pray that my mind be open to your will identifying the names of persons that St. James needs for ministries. Guide me to Lord, to your choices and not mine. In Jesus’ name I pray.”


After spending some time in prayer, answer the following questions.


What do you like/love about St. James____________________


Where can we improve _____________________________


Where do you see St. James congregation next year_______________


In five years __________________________


In ten years _____________________________




Look over the parish list and write the names that you feel the Holy Spirit is calling to serve in the following positions. Write down the names that come to your mind, trusting in the Spirit to lead you.


Who do you see in leadership roles__________________


If you feel you, yourself are called, you may enter your own name.


You do not have to fill in every blank and you may enter multiple names for each position.


Priest _________________________


Deacon ________________________


Questions- Ask JoAnn, Irene, or Gerry

Comments need more room???  use back of this paper.



Another Way, A prayer for TCM.


“God’s Highway is big enough for many different lanes, all going toward the same direction, TCM is one of those ways.”



Lord, you called us and we came:


In a church of triangles, you called us to form a circle,


In a church of priests in charge, you called us to become a team,


In a place of casual acquaintances, you called us to build a family,


In a congregation of pew sitters, you called us all to become involved,


In a church worried about money, you called us to trust in the Holy Spirit,


In a culture of strategic planning, you called us to trust in the Holy Spirit,


In a world of longing for God’s, you called us to be your hands,


In the place where we live, you called us to build the Kingdom of God,


In a modern secular world, you called us to build an early Christian church,


Lord you called us to form a circle with Christ, at it’s center, and we came.


Give us courage and wisdom to follow this alternate path you have laid for us,


Give us grace to always serve you in every person we meet along the way.




Rachael Wolford, Retired Deacon, St. James, Cathlamet







Buck healing pancreatic cancer

Sally, eye problems

Mark, chronic headache healing

Sean encouragement

Bill healing breathing problems

Linda Healing

Joan’s Dad-Peace

Jill and Carmoreau healing and strength

David – massive brain tumor.

Bob healing cancer

Chandal a new home

Russ healing

Terry healing



Winnie-breast cancer

Gerry, JoAnn, Christie and others healing from chemical allergies





Name of person   Reason   Person requesting    How long to keep on the list






Let’s also pray for peace and for all of our men and women in the service at home or abroad, and for our veterans.


If you have added someone to the list above please let me know when they can be dropped from the list at my email-






November 2017



November 1 – Pentecost 22

Micah 3:5-12

Psalm 43

1 Thessalonians 2:9-13

Matthew 23:1-12

November 12 – Pentecost 23

Amos 5:18-24

Psalm 70

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Matthew 25:1-13

November 19 – Pentecost 24

Zephaniah 1:7,12-18

Psalm 90:1-12

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Matthew 25:14-30

November 26 – Last Sunday after Pentecost

Ezekiel 34:11-16,20-24

Psalm 95:1-7

Ephesians 1:15-23

Matthew 25:31-46



St James Vestry Minutes

October 8, 2017

Those present:  DonDena. Irene, Carol, Cathy, Michael, Sally, Lois, Gerry, JoAnn, Hannah, Maureen, Kent.

Gerry called the meeting to order at 11:20 am.  JoAnn led us in prayer.


Minutes of the September 10 meeting were accepted as presented.

Financial Report:

Gerry presented the financial report through September 2017.  With 75% of the year complete, we have received 71% of the budgeted income and spent 78% of the budgeted expenses.  Two reasons were given for the additional expenses.  First, the cost of cleaning moss from the roof ($458) was not included in the budget.  In addition, utility expense is higher than should be at this point, due to a problem with the toilet in the back room.  The financial report was accepted as presented.

Old Business:

  1. Discernment process – Our clergy are retiring and/or aging, and looking forward five years, we need to identify people to take their places.  The discernment process is designed to determine whether anyone in our present congregation can fulfill that role.  Fr Richard will lead the process.  Gerry has a copy of the form/script that we will use, and she will share it with the others at the prayer group tomorrow morning.  Quite possibly, the discernment will take place in November.
  2. UTO offering – Traditionally, our United Thank Offering is collected at our All Saints celebration, which will take place this year on October 29.  The congregation is encouraged to bring their contributions, either in a UTO box (available from Gerry or JoAnn) or in a plain envelope or Ziploc bag.

3.Bird nests in the soffit, front porch paint, and exit signs – Gerry will ask George about the status of these problems.

  1. Tree removal – JoAnn reported that Henry Blankenship removed one very bad limb, but the general consensus is that the entire tree should be removed.  JoAnn will talk to Henry again.
  2. New back door – Carol pointed out that she can see light around the new door near the organ.  It needs weather stripping, and so does the front door.  Gerry will ask the Family Center to put this item on Lowell’s to-do list,

New Business:

  1. Christmas service(s) – Christmas comes on a Monday this year.  Christmas Eve is Sunday.  Christmas Eve is also the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Therefore, we have three possibilities for services:  Sunday morning, December 24.  Sunday evening, Christmas Eve.  Monday morning, Christmas morning.  By consensus, we decided celebrate Christmas Eve (Sunday evening at 5 pm), and nothing Sunday or Monday mornings.
  2. Budget Planning Committee – the following people volunteered to be on the Budget Committee:  Hannah, Sally, Michael, DonDena.  Gerry will e-mail a proposed budget to each volunteer, and all are encouraged to “respond to all” with comments.
  3. Music – In Carol’s absence, DonDena volunteered to learn how to operate recorded music, in addition to Gerry, Chandal, and Eric.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.

Submitted by,

Hannah Booth